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Join the BD:N community and elevate your business’s online presence in Nottinghamshire. Our platform is dedicated to connecting local businesses with potential customers and showcasing the diversity and innovation within our region.

The application process is straightforward, designed to highlight your business’s unique story, services, and offerings. Take this opportunity to enhance your visibility and contribute to the vibrant local economy.

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What You’ll Need to Get Listed

To ensure your listing stands out on BD:N, we require specific, high-quality information that reflects the uniqueness of your business. We prioritise originality and quality over quantity, steering clear of flimsy, poor-quality, or duplicate content. By providing detailed, accurate information, you contribute to creating a unique, high-quality, SEO-optimised page that not only represents your business accurately but also enhances its online visibility and appeal to potential customers. Let’s create something remarkable together.

Basic Business Information

Gather your business’s fundamental details, such as the name, address, primary contact details, and the year it was established. This information is vital for creating a solid foundation for your listing and establishing a strong online citation.

Coverage Area

Inform us about the Nottinghamshire areas your business serves. Regardless of whether your operations are regional, national, or international, if your base is in Nottinghamshire, your business qualifies for a listing.

Operational Details

Prepare to share operational specifics like VAT registration status, business classification, accepted payment methods, service delivery methods, and opening hours. These details significantly enrich your listing within our business directory.

Online Presence

If your business is promoted online, provide the web address and social media profiles. Highlighting platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn will grant your social channels added visibility.

Detailed Business Description

Craft a detailed and unique narrative about your business, focusing on its inception, what it offers, and the vision and values it brings to Nottinghamshire. This depth of information will distinguish your listing and enhance its online presence within BD:N.

Listing Fee

A one-time fee of £12 secures lifetime inclusion in BD:N with an Essential listing. For greater SEO value, consider our Enhanced and Premium listings, designed to boost your business’s visibility and impact.

Ready to begin? Scroll down to the application form below, offering us comprehensive insights into your business and its offerings. You have the flexibility to save your progress and return to this page to continue your application at any time – we’ll keep your information safe for up to 10 days. However, for the best results, we highly recommend completing the application in a single session.
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Tell us who you are and what your relationship is to the business you wish to submit to Business Directory Nottingham.

The information you provide in this section will not be published publically but will help you manage this listing in the future and may be used as verification in the event a listing needs editing or deleting.

E.g. your the owner or direct employee of the company
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When you fill out these fields, you are: (1) giving your permission for this information to be made public (unless it is specifically stated otherwise; and (2) providing your contact details to Business Directory Nottingham BD:N. We reserve the right to reach out to you following the guidelines of our Privacy Policy.

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